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About Walkin' Willie's Comix

Back when he was six years old in the 1960s, William Anfin - a.k.a. "Walkin' Willie" had a vision of creating a fabulous comic book retail website. OK, maybe not but the little guy was definitely reading superhero mags, getting his Mom to help with some of the words he didn't know.

Little Willie would spend his quarter a week allowance at the Alleghany Hotel and Newsstand either buying two 12 cent mags and a fireball or one 25 cent giant - a tough decision for sure! Thank goodness there was no sales tax in Virginia back then.

Willie grew up and put comics on hold while attending high school and college. He then went into a bookstore in the mid-80s and saw a trade paperback of "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller. He could not believe how much comics had changed since reading Curt Swan Superman and Stan Lee / Jack Kirby Fantastic Four.

Willie started buying comics with a vengeance (he was single so...) concentrating mainly on Neil Gaiman's Sandman and Mike Grell's Green Arrow. He finally accumulated enough books to set up at his first show - Heroes-Con in Charlotte in 1991. Brother John contributed by creating the first version of the "No Smoking Dogs" logo. Walkin' Willie's Comix was born!

Fast forward to 1996 and Willie created his first online version of Walkin' Willie's Comix. Took forever to put up that static piece of "web art" but it got done. There have been several editions of the site over the years until we finally get to the one you see here.

Please stop by and check out our site from time to time - one thing is for sure is that what we have to sell will change... a lot. If you have ever bought anything from Walkin' Willie's Comix on eBay, please drop us a line and we will see what we can... ahem ... do for you...

This is gonna be fun...

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